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Moving supplies made easy, affordable and delivered free to your door.

We've been in the moving and rental business for over two decades. Most people generally don't anticipate how much of a hassle it is to scrounge around for boxes and how time-consuming moving is without the proper supplies. With military precision we simplify every aspect of a move to save you time, money and stress.

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We Are...

  • Experts at the logistical aspects of moving with a "One Stop" solution for all your moving supplies.
  • Efficient, reliable and dedicated to helping you save time, money and stress with your move.
  • Serious about protecting your belongings by providing the most advanced products available at the most competitive prices.
  • Task-oriented, results-driven, and absolutely passionate about what we do.
  • Always kind, courteous and respectful to our customers.
  • Committed to fulfilling assignments and tasks — even in difficult circumstances.
  • Fast, friendly and offer free delivery for orders over $50 within the specified Greater Toronto Area: Mississauga, Etobicoke, Toronto, North York, and Scarborough
  • Environmentally aware: Major Move always looks to select products and processes that minimize environmental impact. Our Eco-Friendly Boxes are reused during their life cycle, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Plus, our cardboard boxes are only selected from managed forests that have rigorous replanting and re-forestation programs.
  • Our Mission is to save customers time, stress and money with their move
  • Save customers time, stress and money with their move
  • Provide a " One Stop" solution for all your moving supplies
  • Provide the most advanced products available at competitive prices
  • Practice environmental awareness throughout our operations
  • Provide Prompt, Dependable, and Friendly delivery
  • Be Customer Focused and anticipate needs
  • Provide an exceptional and consistent standard of service
  • Provide Expert advice
  • Be active Community Leaders and to provide meaningful social support
  • Provide an easy and informative on-line experience


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