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20 Questions To Ask Your Moving Company

Major Move has made it easier for you to select a reputable mover to work with. By asking the following questions you'll reduce the potential for a bad experience on moving day.

Credibility & Professionalism:

1 References:

Can you provide me with 3 references of previous customers?

2 Experience & Stability

How long have you been in business?

3 Licensed

Is the company licensed provincially and inter-provincially?

4 Worker's Compensation

Are employees covered by workers compensation?

5 Public Liability

Does the company carry public liability insurance?

6 Liability Coverage

Does your company carry liability coverage?

7 Cancellation Policy

Can you explain your cancellation policy?

8 Guarantees

Does your company offer any guarantees? Job start and finish times?

9 Contract

When do I receive my copy of the contract?

10 Disputes

How does your company handle disputes?

11 Inventory System

Does your company have some sort of inventory system in place?


12 Billing Method

Can you please explain all charges associated with my move?

13 Travel Time

Will I be charged for travel time to and from my residence? If so, how much?

14 Extra Services What does your company consider an extra service? How much is it for any extra services?

15 Weight

Does your company charge by weight?

16 Packing & Loading

Does your company pack and unload?

17 Self-Packing

Is there anything that I can do to help? 18 Supplies

Do you sell moving supplies as well?

19 Special Items

How are special/fragile items handled?

20 Billing & Payment Details

What methods of payment does your company take?


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