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Lost or Damage Claims

In the event that your goods have been damaged or lost you should first contact the mover immediately and notify them that you have lost and/or damaged goods and file a claim.

Understanding The Liability of Your Mover

There are essentially (2) types of liability:

If you signed and paid the fee for Full Value Protection, the loss and/or damage to your shipment will be processed based on the replacement value of the damaged or lost item.

However, if you signed for Limited Value Protection or a Waiver of Full Value Protection, your loss and/or damaged goods is based on $0.60 per lbs, per item, regardless of the value of the item. For example: If you have a 42" flat screen TV that weighs 60 lbs, the mover is only obligated to offer you $36.00 as a settlement. (Calculation: 60 x $.60 = $36).


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