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Some Tips From The Pros

Packing can be a daunting process, especially when you have fragile keepsakes and valuable belongings. While professional packing services and movers can reduce the time and stress of moving, it can get expensive. Our packing guide is designed to give you some simple tools and insight to help you pack like a pro.

Before You Pack:

Start packing as soon as you find out you're moving and at least six weeks prior

Start by rounding up all the items that you want to throw away, give away or sell. Moving provides a great opportunity to de-clutter.

Refer to our list of "non-allowables" and begin to set these items aside separately as they will need special packaging & labels. Remember many of these items can not be transported by a mover and you will have to make a plan to get them to your new home separately. (NB – Never pack flammable items).

For allowable dangerous goods, such as cleaning products and other household chemicals, make sure to pack these separately with a clear label on the box. Do not pack with other household items that can be damaged by these substances.

Perishable items – give some thought to how you will handle your food items. Major Move rents Coleman Coolers to make sure your refrigerator and freezer items can get across town without melting or going bad. Empty and unplug your fridge at least 24 hours prior to loading.

Improper Packing – if your packing is poorly done, the mover can refuse to load those items until they are properly done.

Do not ship canned or bottled foods during freezing weather – use them up or donate them to a food bank. As part of Major Move's Major Relief Program we will take away up-to 1 box of non-perishable food items and donate them to a local food bank or charity. Simply put them into one of their plastic rental boxes for their 'officer' to pick up.

Rugs – roll up and tape rugs.

Draperies – place draperies onto solid hangers and use our Plastic Garment Bags or one of our Protection Bags to make packing easy and to provide great protection.

Packing & Moving Supplies

Trying to scrimp and save a few bucks on moving supplies usually leads to unexpected grief:

Costly damage to furniture and/or your home

Physical injury trying to lift large objects with the proper equipment

Irreparable damage to valuables and antiques

Extra difficult work because of insufficient and inadequate supplies

Unexpected extra trips – consuming extra time

Poorly loaded truck – costing time and extra money

Loss of valuables due to bad packing

Packing Essentials

The following are products that you will need for a basic move

Eco-friendly plastic boxes

Great alternative to cardboard, faster packing times, stronger, don't require tape, stack easy, saves space on truck Cardboard Different size boxes - ideal for irregular size items & long term storage (1 cube, 1.5 cube, 3 cube, 4.5 cube, 6 cube)

Wardrobe boxes

Ideal for quickly packing hanging clothes

Protective wrap      

Bubble wrap      Stretch wrap      Newsprint

Great for wrapping small fragile items; china, glassware, artwork, pictures and more

Packing tape

2" wide clear tape – great for sealing boxes

Tape dispenser

Dispenses tape easier


To write description on boxes

Mattress bags

Keeps mattress & box spring from collecting dust & dirt

Utility knife

For cutting cardboard boxes, tape, rope

Garbage bags


Moving gloves

Protects against slips and calluses

Hand truck/dolly

Ideal for carrying multiple boxes

Furniture pad/blanket

Protects furniture & T.V.s

Poly bags

Ideal for small items jewelry, cutlery, tootbrushes


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