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Major Move provides assistance to customers that are moving their home or business and often require other moving-related services. If you provide a service in one of our key categories, we'd like to offer you the opportunity to connect with our customers. We are looking for selected partners who:

Have a well established history in key service areas.
Display clean, detailed and clear websites.
Provide great customer service.
Offer fast, reasonably priced service within the GTA.
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Which services do you provide?
Moving Company
Seniors Moving Specialists
Truck Rental
Storage Facilities
Junk Removal
Portable Storage
Insurance Agents
Mortgage Brokers
Real Estate Lawyers
Cleaning Services
Packing Services
Organizational Services
Furniture Repair
Interior Decorating
Home Inspections
Condo Storage
Moving Day Food Deals

We prominently feature partners who have a special promotional offering or discount. We'd love to hear yours.

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