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Specialty Cardboard Moving Boxes

Finding the Perfect Moving Box for your Breakables

Here at Major Move, we understand you have a lot of uniquely shaped belongings that need uniquely shaped packing solutions to ensure they get moved safely and properly.

The fact is,if you put something in the wrong size box, you increase the chances of your possessions shifting and getting damaged along the moving route.

Whether you're moving homes, offices or simply bringing valuables to a friend's house, we here at Major Move offer a wide range of specialty boxes that can be purchased or rented to make sure your big move goes off without a hitch.

Check out our solutions for the following household items:

Television Boxes

Back in the day, TVs came in one simple shape: big and boxy. Now, however, they're wide and flat – and we've got the perfect box for them. Our flat panel TV boxes come in sizes ranging from 46" x 8" x 30" to 64" x 8" x 40".

Dishes and Kitchenware Boxes

Making sure your nice kitchenware, plates, dishes and glasses get packed properly is an important part of any relocation. To make sure everything is relocatedsafely, we offer boxes just for eating-and-dining items. We have specially made boxes for glasses and dishes that can even fit a six-piece dinner set in a single box!

Microwave Boxes

While most of your major appliances tend to stay in the house you're leaving, this is one kitchen utility you'll likely take with you. Reduce the risk of getting damaged by using one of our special microwave moving boxes, which fit nearly all sizes of the cooking machines.

Wardrobe Boxes

Most people think that the average cardboard box is good enough to store your clothes, but these are the items you display yourself in every day. You wouldn't want to take the risk of them getting ruined in the move! Instead, make sure they get moved right by using one of our wardrobe boxes. These come in two sizes – short at 34" tall and large at 48" – and are equipped with a hanging bar to safely store all of your garments.

Lamps and Mirror Boxes

Lamps, pictures, and mirrorsare delicate items that can easily shift and break on the road, resulting in a precious item destroyed (and even seven years' bad luck!). We have a tall, skinny box for lamps and two options for mirrors or pictures that will keep your breakables safe while on the road.

Files and Correspondence Boxes

You don't have to lose track of your paperwork – legal or personal – when you move. Just use one of our handy filing or letterboxes, which are just the right size to securely carry your precious documents and important paper trail.

At Major Move, making sure your big move goes down as smoothly as possible is our mission. Our Toronto moving company has a new and better way to get things from point A to point B without pushing you over budget. We offer moving supplies that you can rent for a fraction of the price of buying.

Whether you want to rent moving boxes in Toronto and the surrounding area, or you want to purchase speciality moving boxes to keep for home storage after your relocation, we have all the moving storage solutions you'll need!



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