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Ten Steps To Becoming A Major Move Franchise

Step #1 - Fill out the online Franchise Application

Our Franchise Administrator will review the information.

Step #2 - Acknowledgment

Once we've approved your application, we'll send along some more information and begin conversations. It's important for you to get as much information about our company as possible.

Step #3 - Meet & Greet

We would love to set up a meet and greet to get to know you! A Major Move representative will schedule a meeting with you at our head office and give you a complete overview of our company operations. We'll also be happy to answer any questions that you might have.

Step #4 - Fill Out Our Detailed Application Form

To further our relationship, we'll ask you to fill out a Detailed Application Form and later send you a Franchise Disclosure Document.

Step #5 - Information Review

At this time you'll be given the opportunity to review Major Move as a business opportunity and further examine your Franchise Disclosure Document. All documents provided to you are extremely valuable and intended to help you decide whether or not a Major Move franchise is the right move for you. At the same time, we'll get a chance to review your information (Financial, credit, background etc.) If approved by both parties, you will be asked to come in for a second "meet and greet".

Step #6 - Enter Into a Franchise Agreement

You should now have all the information about Major Move to make a sensible decision. If approved, you would then be given the opportunity to sign our Franchise Agreement.

Step #7 - Available Territories & Sites

You'll now get a chance to sit down with us and discuss the territories & sites that are available in your requested area.

Step #8 - Training

We'll provide you with all the necessary training required to run a successful Major Move franchise. Your training will consist of "boots on the ground" in one of our branded Major Move trucks as well as "in office time" spent at our head office.

Step #9 - Business Preparation

It's time to get your location ready, truck branded, and staff hired.

Step #10 - Open For Business

Welcome to the Major Move family! Your doors are now open and ready for success.
How exciting!

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