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Moving Fraud Protection Checklist

  • Make sure the mover or broker is registered with the Canadian Association of Movers. (CAM) by visiting
  • Does the moving company know and abide by the Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers?
    Do they provide you with information on customer and mover rights and responsibilities.
  • Are they currently insured? If so, ask for the provider and policy number.
    Does the moving company subcontract out their work? If so, to who?
    Get references.
  • Check the Better Business Bureau for complaint history.
  • If storage is provide, go see the facility to get a sense of how clean and secure the facility is.
  • Does the mover have a Workers' Compensation Board certificate? If not, you may end up paying for any employee injuries during the move.
  • Keep a close I on your belongings when they are being loaded on and off the truck
  • Estimates must be in writing and either binding or non-binding. If Non-binding (approximations), only difference in transportation costs and unspecified items should effect the total.Willing to accept other methods of payment other than cash
  • If deposit is given, is it held in trust? Is it refundable? Can you please specify terms?
  • Never sign an incomplete document
  • Be sure you understand the moving company's terms for lost or damaged items. Make sure it is fully explained in the written contract.
  • Be sure to understand the type of liability coverage you signed for.
  • Notify the moving company of all fragile or extremely valuable items.
  • You have the right to be a part of the weighing process of damaged items.
  • Consider negotiating with the moving company to settle a dispute.
  • Do not sign anything you don't understand.

Ask For and Estimate:

  • Make sure that all estimates are done in your home and not on the telephone.
  • Give movers precise information about all items that need to be moved and notify them of any obstacles that may increase the time of the move.
  • Keep inventory on all goods being placed in the moving truck and put moving labels on all boxes to give movers better direction as to where the boxes are going.
  • Be sure to take notes when speaking with the moving company. Write down who you spoke with and all other important information obtained.
  • Make sure the estimate given is on company letterhead, provides the all company information and clearly states the terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Negotiate – It doesn't hurt to ask for a better price.


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